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Time is Running Out for Student Loan Borrowers to Save Thousands on Federal Consolidations!

At Graduate School Loans, our goal is to help our borrowers save as much money as possible on their student loans and manage the debt that can result from student loans. However, it seems that very soon we may not have the option to help our borrowers save thousands on their federal student loan consolidations.

New Legislation

This is because the federal government has passed a bill known as the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007. This bill will cut about $21 billion from Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Programs such as Graduate School Loans. This budget cut may very well lead to the elimination of borrower benefits. Thus, Graduate School Loans may no longer be able to offer its money-saving interest-rate reductions after October 1.

Our Borrower Benefits

Currently, our borrower benefits can lower borrowers' interest rates by as much as 1.25%, potentially helping them save thousands of dollars over the lives of their loans!

Just look at these great borrower benefits that you can receive by acting now:
  • an immediate 0.25% interest-rate reduction when you sign up for our automated debit payment program

  • an additional 1.00% interest-rate reduction after 36 consecutive on-time payments
When you qualify to receive our interest-rate reductions, they can never be lost or taken away, regardless of the situation. Graduate School Loans guarantees them for the life of your consolidation. None of our competitors can make this claim! After October 1, however, this offer may become moot.

Graduate School Loans: An Industry Leader

As America's top consolidation company for graduate students, Graduate School Loans helps students and graduates manage their multiple student loans through consolidation. This not only helps borrowers save a substantial amount of money but also helps them save time.

When you consolidate with Graduate School Loans, you are consolidating with professionals. As an industry leader, Graduate School Loans puts its borrowers' needs first by offering multiple ways to save you money and customer service that is second to none. Because we only offer our select services to graduate students and those who have completed graduate school, we are able to focus our efforts on providing the highest level of quality available to this choice group of individuals.

Time is Running Out

The passage of the College Cost Reduction and Access Act of 2007 means that those with federal student loans have limited time to consolidate their loans and potentially save thousands. Borrowers with federal student loans need to act now to ensure they receive the savings that Graduate School Loans offers.

The October 1 deadline is drawing near, so borrowers must act now and consolidate their federal student loans immediately! Doing so will give them the best chance to receive the savings they deserve.

To beat the upcoming deadline and save a substantial amount of money, borrowers can begin their federal consolidation applications by calling 800-680-7195 or visiting today.


Article Title : Time is Running Out for Student Loan Borrowers to Save Thousands on Federal Consolidations!
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