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Study Shows Half of 2007 Graduates Have Jobs

A recent study shows that more than half of 2007 graduates had full-time jobs lined up prior to graduating this spring. According to the preliminary results of a study conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 51.2% of graduates who had searched for jobs had accepted jobs in early May. Additionally, close to 30% more had offers that they had not yet accepted.

NACE's 2007 Graduating Student Survey was conducted online between March 15 and May 7. More than 12,000 students at four-year colleges and graduate schools across the country were polled. Of the 12,000 polled, more than 10,000 were seniors.

According to Higher Education Washington, Inc.'s NewsLine, Executive Director of NACE Marilyn Mackes said, "Our survey shows that among those who have applied for jobs, 81.1% have received at least one offer." She also added that the average number of offers was 2.25 per student.

According to NACE's Job 2007 Outlook Spring Update, released last month, employers planned to hire almost 20% more new graduates this year than in 2006.

Surveys also indicated that employers were particularly looking for graduates in business, engineering, and computer science fields.

Mackes commented, "...Employers told us that competition for new college graduates was their biggest challenge this year, and results of our student survey seem to bear that out."

These surveys are conducted annually by NACE. According to a press release from the association, the purpose of the studies is to "look at students' attitudes regarding the job search, job market, employers, after-graduation plans, and related issues." NACE has been providing information about the employment of college graduates since 1956.

Final results of the 2007 Graduating Student Survey are expected to be released later this month.

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Article Title : Study Shows Half of 2007 Graduates Have Jobs
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